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Preventing churn with retention analysis in Metabase

About this event

Join us on June 20, 2023 together with Candice Ren, a co-founder of 173tech, a data consultancy agency to talk about:

  • What is retention analysis and when it is needed
  • How to structure your data for retention analysis
  • Mastering retention queries using Metabase's query builder and SQL
  • How to visualize retention metrics effectively
  • Identifying growth opportunities through retention analysis

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  • Guest speaker
    Candice Ren Co-founder @ 173tech

    Candice Ren is the co-founder of 173tech, a modern analytics agency helping fast-growing companies turn data into powerful growth engines. Their team of data experts has been using Metabase since 2019 helping SaaS, mobile apps, and eCommerce businesses to get a sense of their data.


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