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Navigating Digital Identity: MetaMap and Stratus present Innovative Solutions for Global Verification & Fraud Prevention.

About this event

Join us for Navigating Digital Identity: MetaMap's Innovative Solutions for Global Verification and Fraud Prevention.

Delve into the forefront of digital identity verification, exploring MetaMap's AI-driven technologies, and Data Security in Identity Verification. This event offers insights to navigate the digital landscape with confidence. Learn how MetaMap is setting the gold standard in user identity protection and verification.

Event Topics

Webinar Potential Topics:

  1. Optimizing User Onboarding: Strategies to improve user onboarding speed, reduce friction, and enhance the overall user experience.
  2. Data Security in Identity Verification: Ensuring user data protection with end-to-end industry-standard encryption technologies as well as adherence to country-specific regulations (DPA for example)
  3. MetaMap's Solutions in Action: Real-world examples of companies that have benefited from MetaMap's identity verification services, including sectors like payments, insurance, and crypto.

Hosted by

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    CO T
    Chima Odinma

  • Team member
    Chelsea Owiti Cloud Engineer @ Stratus Cloud

    As a Cloud Engineer, Chelsea brings an unwavering passion for technology, security, and the dynamic world of cloud computing. Her journey in the tech landscape is driven by a genuine love for innovation and a commitment to fostering a secure digital environment.

  • Team member
    Gedilson Francisco Business Development Manager - Cloud & Digital @ Stratus Cloud Technologies

    With a proven track record of success in helping organizations achieve their business goals through cloud adoption. Gedilson is skilled at assessing an organization's needs, developing a cloud strategy, and implementing cloud solutions that meet those needs.

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    HP T
    Hussein Popat Business Manager @ Stratus Cloud Technologies

    Business Manager for Stratus Cloud, Hussein is dedicated to helping businesses on their journey of digital transformation. His professional journey includes roles at global firms like Microsoft and Slack, with his expertise underpinned by a commitment to collaboration and transparency.

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