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Keynote Lightning Check Advisor : the lightning solution for wind turbine maintenance professionals

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Simplify the monitoring of lightning damage to your wind turbines

Need to know when one or more wind turbines on your wind farms may have been struck by lightning?

Thanks to the Lightning Check Advisor solution, the day after each storm, you'll automatically receive an email listing the wind turbines that are likely to have been struck by lightning. Now, save time without compromising the safety of your teams, thanks to optimized inspections, in order to :

  • Quickly initiate appropriate preventive or corrective maintenance actions,
  • Have recordings of storms that have affected your wind turbines for future reference and analysis,
  • Claim compensation from your insurance company or justify a drop in production following an incident.

The Lightning Check Advisor is an online service that automatically sends an accurate report of lightning strikes on your wind turbines the day after a storm event, including :

  • A list of potentially affected wind turbines, with a risk level for each,
  • For each lightning strike exceeding the predefined risk thresholds: the date, time, latitude and longitude, polarity and intensity (in kA), the distance of the impact from the wind turbine and whether its confidence ellipse intersects the wind turbine.

No on-site hardware installation or maintenance / Compliant with IEC 61400 (wind turbines),

Want to find out more?

Join us for the launch of the Lightning chek Advisor

and discover all its functionnalities in a 30-minute keynote!

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