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MGID invites you to their event

Affiliate Marketing vs. Quarantine. Boost your campaigns while staying at home

About this event

MgidDo you want to know how to maintain high performance and be the first to hear about new products launched by AdCombo during the corona epidemic?

This Friday at 15:00 CET, we will host the webinar from MGID & AdCombo 🔥 Affiliate Marketing vs. Quarantine.

We will discuss the following topics:

📚 How Covid-19 and global quarantine have influenced traffic volumes

📚 How the demand for various product categories has been affected by current events

📚 What the top-performing verticals are now

📚 How to efficiently launch and optimize your campaign

📚 Tips & Insights from AdСombo & MGID

On top of that, all participants will receive an exclusive bonus from our host.

Stay tuned and register for the webinar!

Hosted by

  • Guest speaker
    Sofia Nazarova PR Manager @ AdCombo

  • Guest speaker
    Ella Mak Head of Affiliate Management Department @ AdCombo

  • Guest speaker
    Vitaliy Ivashchenko Head of Sales (European Market) @ MGID


MGID is a global pioneer in native advertising driving revenue growth for publishers and advertisers

It delivers tailored solutions to meet the individual needs of publishers, advertisers, affiliate marketers, brand managers, and media buyers via one integrated platform.