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MGID invites you to their webinar

Emotional Advertising: How Evoking Emotions in Native Ads Increases Conversions

About this webinar


Have you ever wondered why creating an emotional response in your viewer is a key to successful engagement? During this webinar, MGID Experts will define what is emotional advertising, its benefits, and how it can increase your conversions.

Join us on Thursday, April 23, at 10 am PST/ 7 pm CET to discuss the following topics:

  • What is Emotional Advertising?
  • Benefits of Emotional Ads
  • Rational Ad vs. Emotional Ad
  • How to trigger emotions in Native Ads: Common Approaches
  • Q&A

And of course, we will cover the topic of COVID-19 and how it can be effectively used to trigger emotions in the viewers.

Moreover, our hosts will select the best question that will receive a 100$ prize on the MGID account.

So, go ahead, register for the webinar and prepare interesting questions for MGID Experts.

Hope to see you on Thursday, at 10 am EST/ 7 pm CET.

Hosted by

  • Guest speaker
    Sarah Bastin Senior Content Manager for the Creative & Compliance Department @ MGID

  • Guest speaker
    Lisa Raub Copywriter and US Moderator for the Creative & Compliance Department @ MGID


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