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MGID invites you to their webinar


About this webinar

Join our FREE Webinar for the MGID clients and learn:

  • why your campaign is not converting;
  • how to create high-CTR teasers and optimize your campaign effectively;


Native Advertising is proven to be a useful tool to get high-quality traffic and conversions. However, the process of setting up a campaign could be complicated in the beginning.

The MGID Experts are going to guide you through the dashboard, and its primary functions. Get to know how to use the Selective Bidding tool and benefit from the Traffic Insights feature.

Our Expert from Creative & Moderation Department will share with you some winning tips on creating high-CTR teasers and landing pages. Recommendations for specific verticals and GEOs will be provided.

After the webinar you will:

  • learn the main functions of the dashboard;
  • get the full understanding of the Selective Bidding Tool;
  • know what the moderation flow is and how to speed it up;
  • create high-performing teasers and landing pages;
  • discover the hottest opportunities and the latest Traffic Insights.

We will focus on practical tips. Save your questions to ask MGID experts during the Q&A section at the end.

All the attendees will receive a special bonus at the end of the webinar.

Hosted by

  • Guest speaker
    DV G
    Darina Vinograd Head of Moderation Team @ MGID Inc.

  • Guest speaker
    PS G
    Pavel Shishkin Head of Inbound Marketing @ MGID Inc.


MGID is a global pioneer in native advertising driving revenue growth for publishers and advertisers

It delivers tailored solutions to meet the individual needs of publishers, advertisers, affiliate marketers, brand managers, and media buyers via one integrated platform.