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MHT Lighting invites you to their event

The Future of Lighting: PoE & Smart Building Systems.

About this event

Power over Ethernet is already here. Are you ready to embrace this technology?

Our IEEE accredited presentation will cover the basic network architecture and implementation of a PoE lighting system, as well as its broader applications for building automation.

IEEE approved provider of CEUs


  • Basic system and networking requirements for PoE
  • Wiring and device architecture of a PoE lighting system
  • How PoE lighting integrates with building management systems (BMS)
  • PoE’s broader automation capabilities
  • PoE’s energy efficient benefits
  • Low Voltage PoE vs Line Voltage

$25 Fee for IEEE Credit. IEEE Certificates available for all attendees.

Hosted by

  • Team member
    Kim Johnson Chief Marketing Officer @ MHT

  • Team member
    AK T
    Akram Khalis CTO @ MHT

    Oversees all product development and software implementation of the PoE platform. Granted 4 U.S. patents. Extensive knowledge and background in software and hardware development for smart building system optimization.

MHT Lighting

PoE Lighting and Smart Building Automation

MHT Lighting is a New York based PoE software development and lighting services company.

For over 10 years, MHT has been a leading provider of world-class line voltage products in North America.

In 2018 we introduced our PoE platform, inspeXtor®, which features AI advanced learning capabilities.