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MIMETAS invites you to their event

Development of a Glomerulus-on-a-Chip System to Study the Glomerular Filtration Barrier In Vitro

About this event

One of the major roadblocks for the development of successful therapeutics for chronic kidney disease depends on the ability to effectively establish 3D models that can mimic the complex structure and function of the glomerular filtration barrier.

In the majority of the current glomerular models, podocytes and glomerular endothelial cells are separated by a synthetic membrane, equipped with openings (pores) that allow free exchange of media and growth factors, but they do not allow the proper crosstalk between glomerular cells that is key for glomerular filtration barrier function.

To meet this need, researchers from Children’s Hospital Los Angeles (CHLA) developed a glomerulus-on-a-chip model composed of human podocytes and human glomerular endothelial cells in the MIMETAS OrganoPlate®, characterized by the absence of an artificial membrane and direct contact between the two cell types.

In this webinar, you will learn:

  • Challenges of modelling the glomerulus
  • How to replicate a better glomerular architecture devoid of barriers between the endothelial layer and the podocytes
  • Run drug testing on the platform


  • Astgik Petrosyan, Paolo Cravedi, Valentina Villani, Andrea Angeletti, Joaquin Manrique, Alessandra Renieri, Roger E. De Filippo, Laura Perin & Stefano Da Sacco. A glomerulus-on-a-chip to recapitulate the human glomerular filtration barrier. Nature Communications, (2019) 10:3656, DOI: 10.1038/s41467-019-11577-z

About the presenters

Laura Perin, PhD and Stefano da Sacco, PhD are assistant professors at the University of Southern California and happy users of Mimetas' OrganoPlates.


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