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Tissue Barriers: Expanding your Possibilities. Measuring TEER on 3D in vitro models.

About this event

What you will learn:

Barrier function is an important readout in (bio)medical research, as the pathogenesis of many human diseases involves tissue barrier disruption. During this webinar, you will learn about 3D models of tissue barriers and how to best measure their barrier integrity. Nienke Wevers, Senior Scientist at MIMETAS, will discuss some of the endothelial and epithelial cell barrier models that can be built in the OrganoPlate® platform, such as gut or brain models, along with their research applications. Furthermore, our Field Application Specialist Chiwan Chiang will explain how the OrganoTEER®, a device engineered to measure barrier function in in vitro models, is a powerful addition to studies of barrier permeability. The OrganoTEER® is not only extremely efficient, but can also measure a high range of TEER values, which makes it a valuable tool to answer your research questions.


Nienke Wevers, Senior Scientist

Chiwan Chiang, Field Application Specialist


MIMETAS offers OrganoPlates and develops human tissue and disease models for tomorrow’s medicines, chemicals and food.