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Evolution of Data Mapping & Data Classification

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Want to see how Data Mapping can transform your organization’s compliance? You’ve come to the right place.

The cloud and SaaS applications have changed the landscape when it comes to Data Mapping. “Where is my data?” is a question subject to complicated dynamics of what constitutes a “location” in modern cloud computing. “What is my data?” isn’t any simpler: classifying and tagging sensitive data can be as hard as locating and tracking its movements.

Join us on December 14, 2022, as we take a deep dive into Mine PrivacyOps’s newest feature: Data Classification, the critical next step in sustainable data privacy.

Whether through Continuous Data Classification or Smart Data Sampling, Mine’s new feature will help companies understand better than ever where data lies within their organization and what constitutes various regulated forms of data such as PII, PHI, and so on. With these insights, companies can confidently set up data governance structures at a fraction of the manpower and cost previously needed.

Mine’s Chief Product Officer and Co-founder, Kobi Nissan, together with privacy and data engineering expert Jutta Williams, will lay out how to run a durable data classification scheme built for the cloud. Join them to learn about:

👉 How compliance considerations have changed & the modern data lifecycle

👉 How to migrate or start a cloud data classification practice

👉 Mine’s approach to Data Classification

👉 Advice on techniques & tooling for maintaining data standards

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    Kobi Nissan

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    Jutta Williams Data Protection & Responsible ML Product and Engineering Leader


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