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EU AI Act's Impact on Enterprise Data Governance

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The EU has the data privacy world buzzing with the world’s first comprehensive AI governance legislation, the AI Act. As we get closer to official votes on the AI Act and its likely adoption into law, there are numerous questions organizations need to be ready to answer in anticipation of the new age of data governance and compliance responsibilities. 

Join Jutta Williams, the Global Head of Privacy and Assurance at Reddit and Co-founder of the AI-focused nonprofit Humane Intelligence, and Mine CTO & Co-founder Gal Golan as they leverage their decades of experience in data privacy and cybersecurity to explore:

  • The practicality of the AI Act and newfound compliance obligations 🧠
  • How the AI Act & GDPR intersect and complicate data governance 🚨
  • Whether the US and other countries can/will address the issue of AI 🌎
  • Their expectations for the next 12 months of AI governance once the AI Act passes 🕵️‍♂️
  • The state of the solutions available to govern AI at an organizational level 🌟

Hosted by

  • Guest speaker
    Jutta Williams Senior Director, Security, Privacy & Compliance Engineering @ Reddit

  • Guest speaker
    Gal Golan CTO and co-founder @ Mine


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