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Mira Winery invites you to their webinar

Library Tasting: Mira Syrah Hyde Vineyard 2011 & 2016

About this webinar

One of the first wines that we ever created was our Mira Syrah Hyde Vineyard, and with each vintage produced we remember how much we love the satisfaction that comes from a 100% Syrah wine.

We are excited to release to you not one library wine but two in both our 2011 and our 2016 vintages of the Mira Syrah Hyde Vineyard.  Both of these wines are almost exactly the same in regards to clone 877 from the esteemed Hyde Vineyard, aged in 95% neutral French Oak barrels for the same period of time, same bottle aging.  The constants are all the same however the variable is the vintage, and it is remarkable how just this one thing changes the two wines so very much!  A great expression of how much a vintage, and that year’s conditions, effect the product!

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    Gustavo Gonzalez Winemaker @ Mira Winery

    For over 20 years Mira winemaker and co-founder Gustavo A Gonzalez has been practicing his craft in the Napa Valley and around the world to critical acclaim. Gustavo has worked in California, Italy, France, Argentina, and Brazil.

Mira Winery

Each bottle of Mira wine reflects the unique origin of the grapes from specific blocks within acclaimed vineyards in the Napa Valley, displaying an array of evolving flavors whether enjoyed upon release or after years in the cellar.