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The Next-Generation AI Powered SOC Platform

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Enterprise cybersecurity spend is higher than ever, but despite multi-million dollar cybersecurity investments into legacy systems like SIEM (Security Information and Event Management), organizations remain vulnerable to attacks. It's becoming clear that more spend does not equal more security and the next generation of cybersecurity tools with route out these inefficiencies.

In this webinar Don Goldstein and Russ Far of 5Q Cyber join MixMode's Geoff Coulehan to discuss the convergence of legacy network security monitoring tools like SIEM with the advent of NTA and NDR tools, where there is overlap, and what you need to upgrade your SOC with the next generation of cybersecurity tools.

Hosted by

  • Team member
    Christian Wiens Director of Marketing @ MixMode

  • Guest speaker
    Geoffrey Coulehan Head of Sales and Strategic Alliances @ MixMode

  • Guest speaker
    Don Goldstein CEO @ 5Q Cyber


AI-First Cybersecurity

MixMode is the leading provider AI first cyber anomaly detection solutions. Through patented artificial intelligence built over 20 years, MixMode's platform delivers next generation threat detection, alert precision and SOC productivity and advanced network visibility and forensics.