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Why Your Legacy Cyber Platforms Can't Defend Against Modern Day Attacks

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The enterprise threat landscape is changing fast. According to a recent study by Cybersecurity Ventures, over the last 10 years the number of successful cyber attacks has risen by over 500%. While this should be of major concern, even more alarming is the fact that spend on cybersecurity platforms has also risen alongside it. Something isn’t working. More spend on cyber should mean better tools and more secure enterprises, right? But that just isn’t the case.

In this webinar CEO of RAVENii, Jeff Shipley joins MixMode's Head of Sales and Alliances Geoff Coulehan and CTO & Chief Scientist Igor Mezic to uncover why the cybersecurity industry is failing to deliver on its promises. We’ll discuss the new threat landscape, how legacy platforms have completely failed to defend against modern day attacks, and how CISO’s and security teams are turning the tide with modern cybersecurity platforms that consolidate the tool stack and apply a next generation method of cyber defense.

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    JS G
    Jeff Shipley CEO @ Ravenii

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    Geoffrey Coulehan Head of Sales and Strategic Alliances @ MixMode

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    Igor Mezic CTO and Chief Scientist @ MixMode


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