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IT Outsourcing after COVID-19: risks, concerns and mitigations

About this webinar

Organisations all over the world are seeing their IT outsourcing partners being ordered by their governments to shut down offices, and reduce the percentage of employees permitted to work from their datacentres. For many IT outsourcing providers, their service delivery model is simply not equipped to be delivered from employees working at a home office.

As organisations scramble to determine if their well-documented SLAs are still valid, a more significant risk is if the confidentiality, integrity and availability of their data and services are being maintained and handled appropriately from their IT outsourcing partners’ homebound workforce.

This webinar will touch upon eight technologies that organisations should consider to reduce IT outsourcing risks.

Join us in our multi-part webinar series where we will cut straight to the chase in these unprecedented times – what challenges are our customers asking us about, what security threats should you be considering, and how can you protect your organisation.

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