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Workplace Pride Webinar: Intersectionality – "Rising to the challenge to be yourself at work"

About this event

In recognition of Lesbian Visibility Week, Workplace Pride is joining forces with our strategic partner, Catalyst for our latest “Keeping Members Connected” webinar entitled "Intersectionality – Rising to the challenge to be yourself at work”.

This fascinating and timely webinar being held on Thursday April 29th from 10:00-11:00 CET, will explore the many ways people identify themselves and its impact in the workplace. This includes gender and sexual orientation perspectives, but also examines issues surrounding intersectionality such as:

  • Are all of your identities always acknowledged?
  • What about having different identities that are not always mainstream?
  • Does this influence your opportunities in society and at work?
  • How about your abilities to develop yourself? What privileges do you feel based on a specific identity?
  • How can you use this privilege to open doors for others who are not so fortunate?

In this webinar, we will learn from our panel of experts how they have experienced intersectionality, specifically when it is related to work. We’ll learn about the impact it has had on their career and what ‘identity’ stood out for them. We will hear how to deal with, and even initiate those sometimes uncomfortable conversations that are necessary to ensure progress. Finally, we will engage with webinar participants through interactive Q&A and learn how to use our privileges to support those who do not have them.

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    Bart Bartlett Creative and Technical Multimedia Manager

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