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The building blocks of a successful EV charging experience: How CPOs translate customer insights into levers of growth

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3.4 million - that’s the number of public charge points we will need by 2030 according to a recent study conducted by McKinsey & Company. And while Europe has just surpassed 600,000 public charge points and the market seems abundant, CPOs can still lose out to the competition.

That’s the overall conclusion from surveying thousands of EV drivers across Europe and analyzing tens of thousands of our Monta app ratings. But the numbers also show a major opportunity for CPOs to build a future-proof business that’s profitable, scalable, and most importantly attractive, to EV drivers. CPOs can thus easily pick and take advantage of some low hanging fruit.

Do you want to learn more about your customers? Join us when we deep dive into the insights our customers shared with us and understand what EV drivers across Europe expect from a best-in-class charging experience. In this webinar, you'll get exclusive insights into:

  • What frustrates EV drivers the most when charging and how improving the information flow from end customers to operators and manufacturers is part of the cure
  • Why CPOs take on a leading role in expanding roaming networks and providing a seamless charing experience for drivers
  • How price sensitive EV drivers actually are and why the transparency and choice dynamic pricing offers is the way forward
  • What EV drivers expect from CPOs in 2024.

About our speaker:

Christian Kurtenbach is an experienced eMobility and energy transition expert with a background in management consulting. After serving different roles at E.ON, he joined Monta and in his role as Senior Director Strategic Sales is looking after our largest enterprise clients and developing customized solutions to build long lasting partnerships.

As VP of Roaming at Monta, Martin Majlund leads the department that unlocks roaming to help CPOs boost the utilization of their charge points and provide an outstanding customer experience. Previously, he founded and scaled an e-commerce platform and gained plenty of experience in both the corporate and agency world.

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