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Motimate - a Kahoot! company invites you to their event

How to Supercharge Remote Learning through Recognition

About this event

This event is designed for everyone who is passionate about employee engagement strategies and wants to enrich their employees’ learning and development experience.

Motimate & Achievers provide innovative solutions to organizations that increase employee engagement and performance levels. Both provide culture and behavior management tools that help companies bring their core values to life and empower their people with knowledge.

In this session, we will take a deep dive into what each platform has to offer and how they can work in conjunction to enhance results. Marieke & James will host this session live from the Kahoot! offices in Oslo focusing on the following topics:

  • Why employee recognition is so important – and the impact it has on employee performance… what gets recognized gets repeated!
  • How do you reach the generation of employees that prefers remote learning on tablets and smartphones whether they are a part of a remote or desktop workforce
  • Ways gamification can take employee engagement to the next level
  • How recognizing employees for learning can boost your business’s productivity!
  • Q&A Session

We hope you can attend & participate!

Hosted by

  • Guest speaker
    James Cotsen Enterprise Account Executive @ Achievers

  • Team member
    Marieke Bjørgung Key Account Manager @ Motimate

Motimate - a Kahoot! company

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