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Revolutionize Your Business Operations with Mobile Learning

About this event

Ever wonder how much of a difference mobile learning and employee engagement could make to your organization?

Leading Scandinavian supermarket chain, REMA 1000, is a true pioneer of mobile learning. By incorporating mobile learning into its daily operations starting in 2013, REMA 1000 listened to and met the needs of its mobile workforce, engaging 12,000 users across 660 store locations. The result? Significantly improved organizational performance!

Join our interactive webinar to learn how working with Motimate has transformed REMA 1000’s daily operations and cemented its competitive advantage.

The webinar will be held in English.

You will discover how mobile learning quickly, easily and effectively transformed the chain’s learning and development framework through the first-hand experiences of actual Motimate users.

Hear from REMA 1000 speakers:

  • Kirsti W. H. Alnes, HR Manager REMA 1000
  • Signora Julie Rønning, Store Manager REMA 1000

And learn how:

  • The app has transformed training and communications, making learning and development across REMA 1000’s network more agile.
  • On-boarding experiences have become significantly faster, more efficient and relevant.
  • Training engagement levels have risen exponentially with Motimate’s flexible, anytime, anywhere access to learning.
  • Motimate has helped drive individual campaign performance and sales.
  • The app has encouraged self-directed learning and individual initiatives for personal development.
  • How Motimate has been used to effectively plan and manage crises response.

This is a webinar for everyone who is passionate about employee engagement strategies, wants to enrich their employees’ learning and development experiences and have a meaningful impact on business outcomes.

See you there!

Hosted by

  • Team member
    Marieke Bjørgung Key Account Manager @ Motimate

  • Guest speaker
    Signora J. Rønning Store Manager @ REMA 1000

  • Guest speaker
    Kirsti Alnes HR Manager @ REMA 1000

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