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AI for greener mobility: Why carrots work better than sticks in response to the climate change

About this event

Encouraging individuals to commute sustainably is a significant contribution to the environment, as transport is responsible for 26% of CO2 emissions globally. However, the challenge so far has been to find a way to address multiple drivers of transport change at once: incentivizing commuters to use greener modes of transportation, measuring behavioral change as effortlessly as possible, and rewarding carbon footprint reduction.

Learn in this webinar:

  • How mobility recording and reward systems influence users to make conscious decisions towards greener behavior.
  • How high granular data help rail operators and local transportation service providers not only to make decisions based on accurate mobility insights but also to optimize and improve the transport network.
  • How cities can benefit from a mobility recording and gamification solution in one app to fight climate change.

Hosted by

  • Team member
    Fabien Sauthier COO @ MOTIONTAG

  • Guest speaker
    Daniela Schiffer Co-Founder & CEO @ Changers


Making Mobility Matter

We strongly believe that a sustainable future for cities lies in smarter mobility.
MOTIONTAG is software that generates detailed real-time data about how people move in and between cities.