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Retention Masterclass: Supercharge Your Shopify Revenue with Expert Tactics

About this event

Customer acquisition costs are increasing. Your biggest revenue lever is sitting right in front of you—your existing customers! We will discuss tested, actionable strategies you can implement on your Shopify store to create an amazing retention flywheel. Pure value, no pitching.

Here's what this webinar will cover:

  • How Jordan leveraged email marketing to make $50M in sales
  • Converting Your Social Followers to SMS Subscribers
  • Setting up your CS experience for retention
  • Creating better post-purchase experiences

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Hosted by

  • Guest speaker
    Will Cooper Co-Founder @ Revup Technology

    Will Cooper, Co-Founder of RevUp Technology, leads a team that builds software tools for Shopify and Amazon merchants. RevUp works with over 500 brands and it's product include shipping insurance, fraud/chargeback protection, and Amazon revenue reimbursement.

  • Guest speaker
    Jordan Doughty Founder @ Open House Media

    Jordan is the Founder of Open House Media, a digital marketing agency. As of January 2023, they've helped 100+ companies and driven $20+ million in revenue.

  • Guest speaker
    Jesse Clemmens Founder @ HiTide

    Jesse is the New York based co-founder of HiTide, an SMS List growth platform for Shopify brands. Before HiTide, Jesse scaled teams at two industry transforming martech startups with $800M cumulative exits. Other career highlights include time at Google as part of the early ad exchange team, and Meta where he helped build out Meta's multi $B ad network API business.

  • Team member
    Sajag Agarwal CEO @ Movley

    Sajag founded a consumer brand and scaled it to $2M/yr in revenue. Plagued with supply-chain issues, he moved to China to run his own operations from the ground. Later, he founded Movley to help streamline supply-chain operations for all brands.


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