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Challenges in Innovation and Design of Health Care using ICT

About this event

mPower(https://www.mpower-social.com), in collaboration with SPIDER of Stockholm University, is organizing a series of webinars on knowledge and experience sharing on digital health between Bangladesh and African countries. The main purpose is to highlight the achievements of digital health in Asian and African Countries so that innovators from African nations can learn from our experience in designing and implementing digital health solutions at scale. This is the first of the series webinar and the main discussion will be on Innovation & Design of Health-care using ICT.

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  • Guest speaker
    AM G
    Alkasim Muhd

  • Guest speaker
    IA G
    Imtiaz Alam

  • Guest speaker
    PL G
    Prof. Dr. Alain Labrique Director, Global mHealth Initiatives @ Johns Hopkins University

  • Guest speaker
    MC G
    Mridul Chowdhury CEO @ mPower

  • Guest speaker
    CC G
    Charles Chengo President @ Zambia Health Informatics Association

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    Webinar Admin


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