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Conductors of Care: Exploring the MS Nurse role in Australasia

About this event

MS Nurses work in a dynamic and rapidly evolving area of neurology and have undergone many changes and additions in their role and responsibilities over the last decade. However, there is still a significant lack of recent research into the role internationally, and little local research in Australasia to support or define the importance of the role. This study aimed to provide MS Nurses with the professional support they need in order to provide structure around this complicated nursing role. Additionally, the insights provided to the wider MS community on the nature and breadth of the role may promote understanding and appreciation for the work MS Nurses do, and potentially encourage partnerships and collaborations with other HCPs.  MS Nurses are the Conductors of Care in the MS world and the lynchpin to personalised care.

Join Therese as she explores aspects of the recent MS Nurse research she has performed and chats about the major themes of MS Nurse work she uncovered whist exploring the lived experience of MS Nurses. You will be nodding, pointing and shaking your head as we talk about the daily bread and butter of what we do, maybe a tear or a throat lump, but definitely a laugh, as we share this unique experience that hopefully the whole world can now understand that little bit more. MS Nurses bring so much to the party, and now it is official!

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