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Enabled-VIP Webinar

About this event

Do you have a hobby you’d like to sell online, or the idea and skills to start a small business? Enabled.vip is a new Queensland company, partnered with Griffith University, to provide support to start your online business.

MS Queensland will be hosting a webinar with Enabled.vip on Wednesday 17 March at 10am to answer any questions about starting your own business. Enabled.vip’s board also includes a mix of business professionals and academics who live with a disability in order to provide you with real-world and expert mentoring.  

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    Ms Queensland MS Queensland Education @ MS Queensland

    MS Queensland is the first-choice for MS information, education, treatment, care and support across Queensland.

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    Nat Walsh

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    Gerard Nelson

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    Gary Allen

MS Queensland

MS Queensland provides support and services for thousands of Queenslanders living with multiple sclerosis (MS).