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Audience360 | Going the distance - how can the Travel sector ethically move forward in the “next normal”

About this event

2020 has been a year of challenge and change, which has forced us to reassess and reflect and address some critical concerns. This enforced break in our day to day lives has prompted us to question our ethical responsibilities to each other as human beings and the future of our environment as a whole. 

For travel marketers, it is imperative to not only think about how to talk to the consumer in the new world but also how to get back into the market in a greener and more sustainable way. The world has changed, and travel marketers need to be cognizant of the evolving mindset and expectation from the customer - who are now more aware of the cultural and environmental implications of travel than ever before.  

This webinar will cover: 

  • Cultural sustainability: The impact on the cultural lands and how these can be mitigated from a marketing standpoint 
  • Native population/infrastructure sustainability
  • Climate Change (flying – the future of and how travel marketers must be working toward lower-carbon alternatives)
  • Global pandemics - past, present and future - what we know and what we can learn for the future

Hosted by

  • Guest speaker
    Jan Hutton CEO @ ATDW

    A well-regarded senior executive with an ambitious spirit, Jan makes an impact by bringing insight and inspiration to maximise competitiveness

  • Guest speaker
    Carolyn Childs CEO @ Mytravelresearch.com

    MyTravelResearch.com CEO, Futurist and Strategist, as well as Regional Tourism Ambassador for Australian Regional Tourism, Carolyn Childs’ passion is empowering travel organisations to succeed.

  • Guest speaker
    Emily Betts Executive General Manager, Strategy and Research @ Tourism Australia

    Rob is Tourism Australia’s Executive General Manager of Strategy and Research, which is tasked with setting Tourism Australia’s objectives, devising strategies to help achieve them, and ensuring that Tourism Australia and the tourism industry have the right data to make those decisions and understand their impacts.


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