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Visual storytelling in the time of COVID-19: How to maximise your brand’s impact on consumers

About this event

With unpredictable spikes in cases, border restrictions and legislations that change almost daily, Australians are continually having to adapt to live amidst COVID-19. But while our lives have never been more complex, there is a commonality to daily life within this shared experience.

At a time of constant change and shifting consumer priorities, how can you ensure your brand delivers an impactful message? How can you continue to build meaningful relationships with your customers throughout the pandemic?

Please join Kate Rourke, Head of Creative Insights (APAC) at Getty Images, for a deep-dive into the Australian consumer in the time of COVID-19. This session draws on the latest research from Getty Images’ Visual GPS to help you understand how to maximise your brand’s impact on consumers, and how to meaningfully cut through the crowded visual landscape.

Topics include:

  • How COVID-19 is reshaping visual communication
  • Insights into the Australian consumer and how their attitudes have shifted throughout the pandemic
  • How to maximise your brand’s impact on consumers now and throughout 2021
  • Learn what imagery will connect with your audience and how to leverage these insights for your brand.

Visual GPS builds on Getty Images’ 25 years of experience identifying the key forces that drive and affect human behaviour through imagery. Getty Images have partnered with global market research firm YouGov to get quantitative insights that support the industry-leading research from the Getty Images Creative Insights team.

Hosted by

  • Guest speaker
    Kate Rourke Head of Creative Insights (Asia Pacific) @ Getty Images

    Kate works as Head of Asia Pacific of Creative Insights and sets the global content strategy for Getty Images, through analysing trends in visual communication. This knowledge helps inform Creative Insights – an online destination from Getty Images.

  • Team member
    Darren Wells Senior Content Manager @ Mumbrella


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