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Paperless and wireless: Pharma 4.0 for Environmental Monitoring

About this event

Is going paperless and wireless for environmental monitoring just a trend? Absolutely not. We think this is the critical next step towards a more efficient and effective way to reduce risk in life sciences.

Join our webinar as we unpack the many limitations of wired and paper-based systems in pharmaceutical manufacturing.

You’ll learn:

  • the benefits wireless and digital systems bring, from financial gains to error reduction and more
  • how to overcome the hurdles that companies face, from corporate culture to security to regulations and more


  • What do we mean when we say Environmental Monitoring?
  • Shift from wired to wireless, by Brent Lloyd, Invis2vis
  • Shift from paper to digital, by Toon Lambrechts, MyCellHub
  • Discussion: Benefits from going wireless and paperless
  • Q&A

Hosted by

  • Team member
    Toon Lambrechts Co-founder and CBDO @ MyCellHub

    Toon is co-founder and Chief Sales & Marketing of MyCellHub, a platform for the digitalisation of lab and cleanroom workflows. He got hooked by biotech while working as an engineer on the Lonza Cocoon system and has a PhD on large-scale cell manufacturing.

  • Team member
    Clara Tsoukaris Sales Development Representative @ MyCellHub

    Clara Tsoukaris joined MyCellHub in 2023, aiding Cell and Gene Therapy providers and CDMOs to streamline GMP operations. With her business and pharma tech expertise, she uncovers gains in commercial and clinical aspects through bioprocess digitalization in life sciences.

  • Guest speaker
    Brent Lloyd Inv2vis

    I have been a registered nurse for 23 years and have served as an operating room nurse. In the course of my career I have also applied my clinical nursing experience in a variety of human health-related fields, including wound care consulting, medical device sales, pharmaceutical sales, and most recently, environmental contamination control assessment and solutions. As a healthcare professional, I am interested in how human environments impact their occupants and am passionate about optimizing these environments to improve the overall quality of human life. Areas of expertise: clinical education and training, solution-focused networking and collaboration, infection control, environmental monitoring and sampling, cleanroom design, building and validation, C-suite consulting, tailored solution sales.


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