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Keeping on top of the myriad of disparate bits of information that turns a good practice into a great practice demands constant monitoring, digging for data and a high degree of attention and time. All are in short supply in a busy practice.

The "Action Today Dashboard" brings the information you need into a single snapshot. RAGed (Red, Amber, Green) to grab your attention; it highlights any possible issues, with detailed drill downs to help you close the action.

Using the "Action Today Dashboard" enhances patient care by ensuring next appointments are booked, including ongoing courses of treatment and recalls. It massively reduces ongoing Courses of Treatment without a next appointment. It alerts on any Open COTs requiring a next appointment and it helps you keep patient attrition to a minimum.

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    Duncan Wright Marketing Director @ MPC My Practice Cloud

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    Alistair Robinson Operations & Product Manager @ MPC My Practice Cloud

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    Alison Barkley

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