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Metaverse. A New Dimension: Why Learning Augmented Reality Today is Crucial For You And Your Business

About this event

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Meet our speaker - Founder and CEO of DEVAR, Anna Belova, Forbes Under 30.

Anna is an expert and a sought-after media speaker, she knows how to get from launching the first product to building a successful international business, what’s important for unpacking the Metaverse and how to get a head start in the industry that will shape the next decade.

  • The next decade. What should we know  
  • A New Dimension. Why learning augmented reality today is crucial 
  • Practical use of augmented reality in business. Showcase and impact on the markets
  • Who is the audience of AR products? How do you know if the business audience needs it?
  • Myths about augmented reality and immersive technologies in general
  • Is AR a competitive advantage or fundamentally new opportunities?
  • What does a company or a specialist need to know today to take full advantage of the Metaverse?
  • What skills are becoming necessary and where to get them?
  • Numbers, industries and forecasts

Bring your questions! The webinar will be followed by a live Q&A session.

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    Anna Belova Founder & CEO @ DEVAR

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    Jane Sadowsky Business Development Director MyWebAR @ Devar

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    Anastasia Ly

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    Karolina Sinkevich Digital Content Creator @ MyWebAR

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    Alex Tsukanoff Product Owner @ MyWebAR.com


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