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Battery Testing 101

About this event

Battery testing is an important part of research and development for new battery materials and battery engineering as well as battery selection for battery module and pack development.  In this webinar, we will introduce how to use battery cyclers from Ivium technologies for your battery testing needs including selection of the most suitable cycler and software options.  The first half of the webinar will be aimed at the novice user who is just starting out with battery testing.  We will discuss connection of your batteries to the cycler, the types of experiments that can be performed, how to setup these experiments, and how to analyze the data. The second half of the webinar will introduce more advanced features of the Ivium battery cycling products for the experienced user. The final part of the webinar will identify suitable products from Ivium for large capacity battery testing.

Attendees will learn:

  • Different test setups for new battery formulations
  • How to connect these setups
  • Which tests are available
  • Which software features to use for battery testing
  • How to incorporate Electrochemical Impedance Spectroscopy (EIS) into your protocol

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    Isabella Germinario Scientific Marketing Associate @ Nanoscience Instruments

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    David Loveday Application Scientist @ Nanoscience Instruments

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