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Choose your AI journey: the future of AML & how to prepare for it

About this event

Choose your AI journey

The future of AML & how to prepare for it

The resounding message from the recent FATF report on new technologies for AML is loud and clear: new technologies enhance overall AML capabilities.   

In particular, the application of machine learning and AI-based tools can offer a solution that allow for real-time, quick and more accurate data analysis – all of which saves time and cost in compliance programs. 

To reap the benefits of the best AI technology, there are recommended routes to success.  

What are these routes, and what choices should you make to get the most out of AI for AML? 

Join our interactive webinar where you get to choose the AI journey to implement into the hypothetical AML-environment.  

Your hosts Dr Janet Bastiman, Chief Data Scientist at Napier, and James Nurse, Managing Director at Fintrail will offer you options and guide you through your choices in this 40-minute discovery session. 

Janet and James will offer you, the audience, a selection of ‘next-step’ choices by poll. The majority vote will determine the route taken and the benefits or problems that could occur with that choice, eventually arriving in a hypothetical AI-environment that may, or may not, be optimal. 

At the end, Janet and James will unveil the optimal route, which will be supplied to all participants in a take-home document. 

Who is this session for?

Anyone in financial services or regulatory technology who is interested in finding out the optimal route to implement AI for AML.

Why should you join?

  • Discover the best strategics choices to make when planning to incorporate AI into your AML system
  • Learn why not all routes to AI have the optimal outcome
  • Put your AI knowledge to test and have fun

All registrants will receive a recording of the event

Hosted by

  • Guest speaker
    Janet Bastiman Chief Data Scientist @ Napier

    With over 20 years of experience, Janet has pushed the boundaries of data science in telecommunications, marketing and the financial sector, working with start-ups and established businesses to implement and improve their AI offering.

  • Team member
    MA T
    Moira Ann Head of Marketing, APAC @ Napier

  • Guest speaker
    James Nurse Managing Director Europe @ FINTRAIL

    James has spent the last 10 years working in the regulated financial sector. Having held first and second line AFC roles in the gambling, challenger bank and money transfer space, James brings a wealth of experience from the fast-moving Fintech space.


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