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Digital transformation of financial services: the next generation

About this event

Digital transformation of financial services

The next generation

The digitisation of the financial industry has been in flux for quite a while. We have seen the emergence of the FinTech industry, the rise of digital banking, and even the risks themselves digitised.  

Many new financial service solutions simply pile extra technology, or people, on top of previously existing tech to solve the multitude of problems that come with traditional ways of doing things. 

This may be a quick fix, but what about a solution that is truly 2.0? What does that look like? 

The teams at NapierThought Machine and Episode Six will come together to explore this topic and share their thoughts on what will truly become the next generation in financial services.  

Join industry experts: 

  • Robin Lee – Vice President APAC at Napier (Moderator) 
  • Greg Watson – Chief Operating Officer at Napier 
  • Ravi Patel - Head of Partnerships APAC at Thought Machine 
  • Andreas Niedhart - Sales Engineer at Thought Machine  
  • Dom Braun – Managing Director of APAC at Episode Six 

Our panel will explore these key themes: 

  • What makes FinTech solutions fundamentally different from similar legacy solutions? 
  • Should financial services embrace UX in the same way consumer tech does? 
  • Cloud capabilities – should we fear it? 

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Hosted by

  • Guest speaker
    Andreas Niedhart Sales Engineer @ Thought Machine

  • Guest speaker
    Robin Lee Vice President APAC @ Napier

  • Guest speaker
    Ravi Patel Head of Partnerships APAC @ Thought Machine

  • Guest speaker
    Greg Watson Board Adviser @ Napier, Arachnys & Fernergo

  • Guest speaker
    Dom Braun Managing Director of APAC @ Episode Six


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