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How to build a robust AML RegTech ecosystem

About this event

How to build a robust AML RegTech ecosystem

Join Napier and Know Your Customer as we gather an expert panel to discuss the ever-growing AML requirements that have pushed financial institutions to rethink their approach to anti-money laundering programmes.

In this webinar our panel will explore best practices for financial institutions looking to create a more effective and efficient AML RegTech ecosystem.

The panel will delve into the internal and external challenges faced by both banks and RegTechs in the face of increasing compliance costs and increasing pressure from regulators to deliver efficient and effective AML programmes.

They will explore better ways to collaborate to build better AML ecosystems, including how to create a holistic view of their customers, and how to embed a seamless customer and analyst experience from the crucial phase of onboarding to on-going AML and transaction monitoring.

And finally our panel will consider the future for RegTechs and banks.

Key discussion points

  • Definition of successful AML RegTech ecosystems.
  • Why should banks embrace RegTech, what pain points do they solve?
  • What is the appetite for change in banks and are attitudes to RegTech changing?
  • How can banks address their immediate regulatory needs while also future-proofing their strategy for the changes to come?
  • What technologies (e.g. APIs, Cloud, AI) can better ensure the success of teams’ integration strategies?
The greatest financial technology challenges you expect your firm to face in the next 12 months are ... “finding the right fintech resources and options for your firm that will not be obsolete in two years.” Fintech, Regtech, and the Role of Compliance Report 2021 (Thomson Reuters)

About Know Your Customer

Know Your Customer is an award-winning RegTech company specialised in next generation digital onboarding solutions for financial institutions and regulated organisations around the world. By providing a single source of truth, Know Your Customer enables clients to reduce money laundering risk, streamline their KYC processes through agile automation, improve data accuracy through live connections to company registries, and comply with internal, board and regulatory reporting demands. Find out more at knowyourcustomer.com and tune in to our RegTalks podcast here.

About Napier

Napier is a new breed of anti-money laundering and compliance tech provider. Trusted by the world’s leading financial institutions, we are transforming compliance from legal obligation to competitive edge. All Napier products are built our next generation Intelligent Compliance Platform. Enhanced by artificial intelligence it can be delivered via public cloud, private cloud or on premise. Our tools dramatically reduce both false positives and false negatives and empower compliance teams to make validated decisions with unprecedented speed and accuracy.

Hosted by

  • Guest speaker
    Julian Dixon CEO @ Napier

  • Guest speaker
    Claus Christensen CEO @ Know Your Customer

  • Guest speaker
    Wendy Langridge Chief Regulatory Officer @ BCS Global Markets

  • Guest speaker
    Sian Lewin Co-Founder & Head of Client Delivery @ RegTech Associates

  • Guest speaker
    Phil Cotter Group Head Customer & Third Party Risk Solutions, Data & Analytics @ London Stock Exchange Group


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Trusted by the world’s leading financial institutions, our next generation Intelligent Compliance Platform is transforming AML & Trade Compliance./