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neaspec GmbH invites you to their webinar

Basics of s-SNOM imaging and spectroscopy tutorial

About this webinar

About this webinar:

During this tutorial, Alexander Govyadinov our product manager will inform you about nano-scale analytics applied for a variety of research fields.

You will learn:

How to circumvent the diffraction limit and efficiently suppress background.

How nano-FTIR symultaneously measures both absorption and reflection spectra.

How to use nano-FTIR for nanoscale contamination identification.

We will also host offline Q&A to make sure we answer all your questions. See you there!

Speaker: Alexander Govyadinov, Product manager @ neaspec GmbH

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  • Guest speaker
    AG G
    Alexander Govyadinov Product manager @ neaspec GmbH

  • Team member
    Sergiu Amarie Senior Application Engineer @ neaspec GmbH

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