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neaspec GmbH invites you to their webinar

Correlation nanoscopy for organic, inorganic and hybrid material analysis

About this webinar

About this webinar

During this application demonstration, we will inform you about nano-scale analytics applied for correlation microscopy. We will answer questions you may have, show you how to use nano-FTIR within a variety of research field and discuss results together with our special guest Andreas Huber.

You will learn:

How to breake diffraction limit and reach 10nm spatial resolution on your samples.

How to perform correlative nanoscale analysis on hybrid materials and composites.

How to use correlation nanoscopy for mechanical, electrical, thermal and infrared nanoimaging of nano metamaterials.

We will also host a 15 min live Q&A to make sure we answer all your questions. See you there!


Invited guest: Andreas Huber, Director of Applications Development @ neaspec GmbH, Germany

Moderator: Sergiu Amarie , Senior Application Engineer @ neaspec GmbH, Germany

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  • Guest speaker
    AH G
    Andy Huber Director of Applications Development @ neaspec

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    Sergiu Amarie Application Engineer @ neaspec GmbH

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