neaspec invites you to their event

nanoscale analytics workshop 23-25 May

About this event

neaspec nanoscale analytics workshop

Venue: Kleines Theater Haar, Casinostr. 75, 85540, Haar (Munich)

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The workshop takes you through…

  • scientific talks on various applications held by near-field microscopy experts
  • tutorials on basic principles & data-analysis held by neaspec’s product manager
  • an open discussion panel lead by the head of applications development
  • a guided tour through our new NanoFactory facility incl. live-demos held by application engineers
  • and a day trip social event to beautiful lake Chiemsee

During the workshop you will benefit by…

  • discussing the latest scientific results on Nanoscale Analytics with the leading experts
  • understanding principles & data-analysis to help you prepare your results for publication
  • contributing actively to the application development roadmap of our systems
  • live-experiencing the ease-of-use of our systems & learning about the latest technological developments
  • discussing your specific questions in a one-to-one meeting with a neaspec engineer
  • offering you an optimal platform for networking with other scientist

Together we aim to strengthen the community of neaSNOM users around the globe.


Breakthrough technologies in nanoscale analytics

neaspec designs, manufactures and distributes advanced nanoscale optical imaging & spectroscopy microscopes.
The company was founded to revolutionize nanoscale analytics, with the ultimate goal to enable technological & scientific progress in every lab around the world.