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Neople's Vision and AI Training Center: Transforming Customer Support

About this event

Step into a candid discussion with Hans de Penning as we unveil Neople's vision and introduce our innovative AI training center. We're excited to tell you about the future of digital colleagues who truly complement and enhance the human workforce, and we're eager to share our plans for the road ahead.

Expect to hear about:

  • Our Core Vision: Hans will share insight into how Neople views the future of AI-colleagues to augment human capabilities in customer support, not just as a tech novelty.
  • Accessible AI Training: Find out how our AI training center will simplify the learning curve, making it incredibly straightforward for your staff to integrate with AI.
  • Questions and Answers: Hans will be available to provide clear answers and ensure you have a solid understanding of how our vision can align with your business needs.

Join us if you’re looking for transparency and want to get past the usual industry hype to the practical side of AI in customer support. This webinar is designed for business leaders, customer support managers, and anyone keen to integrate AI solutions into their organizational strategy.

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    Hans de Penning


Transforming your customer experience with AI co-workers

Neople provides AI virtual employees. A Neople works in whatever platform you use, functioning just like a real employee trained on your company's information. With Neople, your support team can answer incoming tickets with lightning speed, maintaining your unique tone of voice, always learning.