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Death By a Billion Bots

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The explosive impact of ransomware and GDPR fines grab attention in boardrooms and in the press, but the corrosive damage of automated attacks is just as ruinous. Bad bots are to blame, striking businesses in their billions daily.

Now in its third year, Netacea’s study continues to shed light on the financial impact of bots. Independent research firm Coleman Parkes surveyed 440 US & UK businesses with an average online revenue of $1.9bn across the travel, entertainment, ecommerce, financial services and telecoms sectors.

This year’s study brings shocking findings into focus:

  • $85.6m (or 4.3% of online revenue) was lost by each business, on average, to bot attacks last year – more than twice the previous figure.
  • Four months is the average time taken to detect bot attacks.
  • 72% of businesses detected attacks from China, and 66% from Russia (an 82% increase over the previous two years).
  • 40% of enterprises are attacked via their APIs – and for the first time, bots are targeting mobile apps more than websites.

On this webinar, you’ll hear expert analysis of these findings from Netacea Principal Security Researcher Cyril Noel-Tagoe, industry insights from Tom Parker, Cyber Security Manager at BT, and academic viewpoints from Rob Black, Lecturer in Information Activities at Cranfield University.

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  • Guest speaker
    Rob Black Lecturer in Information Activities @ Cranfield University

    Rob Black has worked in the field of Influence and Information Operations since 2003. As a Lecturer in Information Activities, he leads a series of modules on the UK MoD’s MSc in Cyberspace Operations, as well as supporting the UK Defence Cyber Academy in educating senior MoD Leaders about Warfare in the Information Age.

  • Guest speaker
    Tom Parker Cyber Security Manager @ BT

    Tom Parker is a cyber security & IT professional with 14 years’ experience in the telecommunications industry. As a key part of BT’s cyber security team, Tom specializes in Identity security, supporting the market facing units to meet its strategic ambitions by delivering a trusted and secure authentication framework by design.

  • Team member
    DM T
    Danielle Middleton-Wren

  • Team member
    Cyril Noel-Tagoe Principal Security Researcher @ Netacea

    Cyril Noel-Tagoe is an experienced information security professional and Principal Security Researcher at Netacea. He spends his time researching, speaking and writing about malicious bots and other cyber security topics.


The Better Way to Stop Bad Bots

Netacea detects and mitigates against even the most sophisticated bot attacks. Our AI-powered technology constantly analyzes all website and API traffic, revealing malicious intent and autonomously prevents impact on your business.