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Demystify your Software Architecture with the C4 Model - A Netcompany Global Tech Talk

About this event

Are you a software architect, developer, or project manager seeking an innovative approach to visualize, analyze, and communicate complex software designs? Get ready for an immersive hybrid event where you'll uncover the secrets of the C4 model, a game-changing framework revolutionizing the way we simplify intricate software architectures.

In this Tech Talk, you'll dive deep into the world of C4 models, gaining expertise in its four layers through engaging hands-on practical examples. From high-level system context diagrams to detailed component diagrams, you'll learn how to create impactful and effective software architecture diagrams that resonate with stakeholders at every level.

By embracing the C4 model, you'll unlock a myriad of benefits for your projects, including enhanced collaboration, streamlined communication, and improved system understanding.

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Key Takeaways for your toolbox:

  • Gain expertise in the four layers of the C4 model through hands-on practical examples.
  • Unveil the benefits of adopting the C4 model for enhanced collaboration and system understanding.
  • Learn expert tips and best practices for creating highly effective C4 models.

This event will be a hybrid event, hosted physically and live streamed from our Netcompany collaboration space in Delft: Kanaalweg 3B, Villa 1, second floor.

Please indicate your preferred form of attendance when signing up.

Event agenda:

16:45 - Arrival

17:00 - Talk

18:00 - Drinks & networking

Hosted by

  • Guest speaker
    Christiaan Van ‘T Hoft Managing Architect

  • Guest speaker
    Azad Imamoglu Managing Architect


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