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The Butterfly Effect of Embracing Technology

About this event

Through relatively small advancements in technology, the effects can very easily butterfly to impact wider communities across the world – this can be recognised as the butterfly effect. In the modern world, where we all utilise technology to a much greater extent than ever before, we all have the ability to adopt tools that can enhance our own daily lives from both a personal and professional perspective.

Join two Netcompany UK Consultants, Ash and Marek, on Thursday, November 18th at 5:30 PM GMT to hear more about:

  • Some inspiring icons and their respective stories which have butterflied to affect the world that we experience around us today
  • Examples of creating change at the core, set to butterfly into a truly digitised world
  • How you can implement incremental changes in your life for wider, more impactful daily benefits

This event will be a hybrid event, hosted physically and live-streamed from our Netcompany collaboration space in Leeds: 12 Greek Street, Leeds, 1st Floor, LS1 5RU.

Please indicate your preferred form of attendance when signing up.

Event agenda:

17:30 - Arrival, drinks & nibbles

18:00 - Talk

18:45 - Drinks & networking

A little more about our speakers:

Ash Sobhani

Consultant, Netcompany

As an enthusiastic technologist with the ultimate aim of helping people solve everyday problems, Ash’s career at Netcompany is perfectly aligned with helping him achieve that goal. Involved in several projects to date, Ash is well versed at implementing digitisation at scale which continues to fuel and channel his exploration of the butterfly effect in the world of technology.

Marek Canavan

Consultant, Netcompany

With a strong belief that we are all nodes in a wider societal network, Marek is deeply invested in the idea that the small things we do daily – whether it be in our personal or professional lives – ripple out beyond what we can imagine. Now involved with delivering digital infrastructure solutions at Netcompany, Marek’s day-to-day is a great example of how his work reflects the butterfly effect and impacts the end users of his delivered solutions to date.

Hosted by

  • Guest speaker
    Ash Sobhani Consultant @ Netcompany

  • Guest speaker
    Marek Canavan Consultant @ Netcompany


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