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Innervation and vascularization, Pumpless mono & multi organs-on-chip, Neurons as a sensor and AI predictability... 3rd MPS World Summit and EUROoCS Follow-up

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At NETRI, we are deligthed to host this webinair and share with you our latest data and approach following the discussion we had at MPS. 

A reminder of our innvervation and vascularization strategies using our NeuroFluidics, including MEA, and MultiFluidics lines.

Our approach of single and multi organoids & organs-on-chip without any pumps and compatible with high throughput data generation.

And a wrap up of the presentation we gave at MPS on using neurons as a digital biosensor in any organs, coupled to AI for enhanced predictablity of compounds.

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    Thibault Honegger CEO @ NETRI

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Innervate. Screen. Predict.

NETRI, an industrial start-up, offers healthcare industries the ability to generate mini human organs-on-chip which, coupled with AI treatments, can predict the clinical effect of a drug candidate for pharmaceutical, dermo-cosmetic & nutritional health industries.