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Better-for-you: How to boost the nutritional profile?

About this event

Join us for the third and final event of our webinar series, where we explore elevating the nutritional profile of your formulations to create better-for-you snacks and functional F&B. With a focus on incorporating organic fibers, prebiotics, and reducing sugar without compromising on taste, this webinar is your gateway to crafting healthier and tastier snacks that cater to today's health and eco-conscious consumers.

Why Attend

  • Understand the growing demand for better-for-you F&B and explore research supporting nutritional improvements.
  • Discover how to incorporate fibers and prebiotics to boost nutritional content that meet consumers preference.
  • Explore case studies on a variety of natural and functional drink and snack options that offer consumers enriched fiber and prebiotic effects. These include low-sugar drinks, cereal bars, muffins, nutritional powders, cookies, sugar-free confectionery, and plant-based drinks, all showcasing the versatile benefits of organic acacia and its unique nutritional and technological features.

Who Should Attend

This webinar is essential for professionals in the food and beverage industry who are involved in product development, research, and formulation.

Whether you are looking to stay ahead of market trends, enhance nutritional profiles, or explore innovative ingredients, this webinar provides valuable insights for optimizing on-the-go formulations to meet consumer demands for better-for-you options.

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    Bastien Berepion Technical Support Manager @ Nexira

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    Jacinda Slagle


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