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Bifurcated Bankruptcies with Matt Hartley

About this webinar

As a bankruptcy attorney, you'll have clients who won't be able to afford the fees upfront. That's where bifurcated bankruptcies come in. Matt Hartley of Fresh Start Funding is going over everything bankruptcy attorneys need to know about bifurcated cases, including documentation, collecting payments, and more. Attend this session to learn how to get started filing bifurcated bankruptcies, and how Fresh Start Funding can help.

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  • Guest speaker
    Matt Hartley Founder and Managing Director @ Fresh Start Funding

    Matt Hartley, Esq., a top expert in bifurcation and collecting fees post-petition, is a principal and founding member of Fresh Start Funding. Prior to starting Fresh Start Funding, Matt owned and operated one of the largest consumer bankruptcy law firms in the country.


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