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Investor Ready: Early Stage & Seed

About this event


A “how-to” interactive workshop to help you secure crucial Seed funding needed to support the early stages of business growth.

Event Overview

During this session we'll be joined by experts from the investment community who’ll walk you through how the deals and the funding markets have coped with the uncertainty of the past year and the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead.

They’ll share their expert advice on approaching Seed fundraising – the earliest stage of fundraising in the business lifecycle, Seed investment typically involves Angel investors committing their capital in exchange for an equity stake in a company.

We’ll also hear from Will Smith and Peter Kirby, Co-Founders of Tred. Tred is an app-based tracking system, supporting consumers to track their personalised carbon footprints through their spending habits, to maintain better choices and reduce their impact on the planet. After recently successfully securing funding to execute the first stage in their growth strategy, they’ll share their experience, top tips, and know-how for investment seekers.

This session is suitable for founders and decision-makers considering early-stage Seed investment.

We’ll cover:

  • What's Seed investment and what are the key eligibility criteria for businesses?
  • What activity does Seed investment typically support?
  • What does good fundraising look like? The dos and don’ts for Seed fundraising.
  • Have the expectations of investors changed due to the pandemic, particularly when looking at tech-led businesses?
  • What’s next? Future-proofing your business strategy


09:30 Introduction & The Investment Landscape

Penny Coulthard, Director of Entrepreneur Relations, NorthInvest

09:40 The Investor View

Dr. Imelda Juniarsih, Investor and Board Director, Biotech VC

10:00 The Business View

Will Smith and Peter Kirby, Co-Founders, Tred

10:20 Q&A

10:30 Event Close

Q&A is encouraged throughout this interactive workshop, submit your question during registration to our line-up of expert speakers for further insight into investment success.

Part or all of this online event may be recorded and shared as part of post-event content online. We will clearly indicate during the session when the recording will commence and end. If you would like to find out more about our recording policy, or opt-out of this activity, get in touch with the team: events@nexusleeds.co.uk

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