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Breeder Management and Nutrition

About this event

Please join us for an on-demand webinar on Breeder Management & Nutrition. This webinar is one of a 4-part series featuring authors from Novus' publication, Breeder Management and Nutrition: Moving the industry forward.

Moderated by Hugo Romero, PhD., Executive Manager — Global Poultry Solutions, Novus

  • Introduction
  • Housing, equipment and management of broiler breeders — Rick van Emous, PhD., Wageningen Livestock Research
  • Management of the male breeder — Edgar Oviedo, PhD., North Carolina State University
  • Macrominerals: Calcium, phosphorus, and electrolytes — Hugo Romero, PhD., Executive Manager — Global Poultry Solutions, Novus
  • Trace mineral nutrition in breeder hens — Silvia Peris, PhD., Executive Regional Technical Services Manager, EMEA, Novus
  • Interactive Q&A

Other webinars in this series include topics on Feed Restriction, Epigenetics and Genetics.

Presented by Novus International, a global animal health and nutrition company offering many solutions for animal protein producers around the world. Our product portfolio includes bis-chelated trace minerals, organic acids, essential oils, eubiotic solutions, and dry and liquid methionine.

Novus International

Novus International provides animal nutrition solutions to optimize efficiency and manage food production challenges in a sustainable way.