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Are You Shipshape?: What You Need to Know About Charity Compliance

About this event

What does it take to be compliant? Charities are subject to a range of rules, regulations, and policies in order to keep their tax-exempt status. Compliance is essential in promoting public trust and ensures effective use of charitable resources. This panel will give an overview of the importance and steps you’ll need to take to manage compliance. Join our industry experts and learn how you can fulfill compliance obligations with confidence.

Meet the panelists

Ronald Barrett, Cogency Global

Ron Barrett is the VP of Nonprofit Services at COGENCY GLOBAL, a professional registered agent company. Mr. Barrett developed a comprehensive suite of nonprofit products and services that COGENCY currently offers to legal, accounting and nonprofit clients. He is the author of Nonprofit Fundraising Registration: Nolo’s 50-State Digital Guide, has authored numerous articles and has presented public and in-house CLE and CPE seminars on state charitable registration requirements around the country. Mr. Barrett is also a Standards for Excellence Institute Licensed Consultant. He is a Founding Member of The Nonprofit Alliance, a member of the Nonprofit Advisory Board, a current member and former President of Capital Toastmasters in DC, Corresponding Secretary of the Baltimore Kickers, and is the President of the Ellicott City Rotary Club.

Evan O'Dell, BryteBridge

Evan is the Director of Nonprofit Services at BryteBridge which provides consulting and administrative services to help nonprofit organizations start up, build up, and maintain compliance. He helps the nonprofit industry build capacity to improve the human experience. Evan does this by researching the industry's best practices, identifying areas for growth, creating what's missing, investing in others, and servant leadership.

Greg McRay, Foundation Group

Greg is the founder and CEO of Foundation Group, one of the nation's top providers of tax and compliance services to nonprofits. Greg and his team have worked with tens of thousands of nonprofits for over 25 years, assisting them with formation of new charities, plus tax, bookkeeping, and compliance services. He is credentialed as an Enrolled Agent, the highest designation of tax specialist recognized by the Internal Revenue Service. Based in Nashville, Tennessee, Greg and company work with charities and nonprofits all across the country and worldwide.

LaMonica Love, The Love Law Group and Consulting Services, PLLC

LaMonica Orr Love is a licensed attorney and business management consultant with a track record of strategic thinking and effective leadership. She is adept in distilling complex information into pragmatic, result-driven solutions for clients. As a legal consultant to multiple Fortune 500 companies, she has led corporate mergers, and conducted legal diligence for multi-million dollar target acquisitions. She is well accomplished in both negotiating sophisticated domestic and international commercial contracts, as well as resolving high dollar disputes cost-effectively. LaMonica has led the design, development, and delivery of multi-dimensional, cross-functional solutions to clients, bringing together strategy, business process design, organizational design and change management.

What will be discussed?

  • Why compliance should be a nonprofit’s priority.
  • Steps your nonprofit needs to take to manage compliance.
  • Best practices for charities to avoid common pitfalls and penalties.
  • Resources and solutions to the common challenges charities face.

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Who should attend?

While we firmly believe that anyone in the nonprofit sector could benefit from learning about charity compliance, trustees, managers and nonprofit leaders will find this panel the most pertinent.

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    Greg McRay President / CEO @ Foundation Group

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    Colleen Carroll NXUnite Lead @ Nexus Marketing

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    Evan O’Dell Director of Nonprofit Services @ BryteBridge

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    Ron Barrett VP @ Cogency Global Inc.

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    LaMonica Love Attorney & Business Consultant @ The Love Law Group and Consulting Services, PLLC


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