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A Signature Style: Building Your Nonprofit's Brand in 2022

About this event

It’s time to elevate your nonprofit's branding!

An effective branding strategy is essential for engaging with your donors and constituents and better developing your organization. And it's more than just a logo and color scheme! 

This panel will address the ways nonprofits can best brand themselves in 2022. Join us our industry experts in this discussion and learn ways to refine your nonprofit’s signature style!

Meet the Panelists

Ira Horowitz, Cornershop Creative

Ira is a co-founder of Cornershop Creative, an award-winning online services company committed to listening carefully to their nonprofit organizations, political candidates, and small business clients. They're all about helping organizations make the most of the web. With over 20 years’ experience, Ira is an expert in nonprofit digital communications and digital fundraising, and his work has resulted in increased funds and resounding supporter engagement for hundreds of organizations.

Taylor Shanklin, Barlele 

Taylor is a TEDx speaker, podcast host + producer, and marketing innovator in the social impact sector. Taylor is the Founder and CEO of Barlele, a brand and marketing strategy firm that helps businesses and nonprofit organizations grow through clear storytelling, branding and strategic growth coaching. She has helped hundreds of organizations tell their story in digital channels. Taylor lives in North Carolina with her husband, two children and dachshund named Lady. In her free time she loves to swim, ski, hike and also spends a lot of time chasing Lady around because that dog always has something in her mouth that she shouldn’t.

Alyssa Conrardy, Co-Founder and Principal

As a principal and co-founder at Prosper Strategies, Alyssa Conrardy is on a mission to help nonprofits realize the full potential of strategy so that the nonprofit sector can realize its full potential to change the world. Alyssa is recognized as an expert by nonprofits across the country thanks to her ability to lead strategy, fundraising, marketing and communications projects that advance nonprofit missions and drive social change.

What will be discussed

  • Where should nonprofits start when considering a branding revamp? 
  • What resources are out there for nonprofits for branding and style? 
  • What do donors expect of the nonprofits they interact with? How have expectations changed in the past few years?
  • Where should nonprofits direct their time when thinking about branding?

Who should attend?

While we firmly believe that anyone in the nonprofit sector could benefit from learning and thinking about nonprofit branding, nonprofit marketing professionals, nonprofit board members, and nonprofit executives will find this panel the most pertinent.

Interested in being a panelist? Let us know via this survey.

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    NXUnite is here to make introductions that lead to lasting relationships.

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    Colleen Carroll Content Publishing Coordinator @ Nexus Marketing

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    Taylor Shanklin CEO and Founder @ Barlele

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    Alyssa Conrardy President & Founder @ Prosper Strategies

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    Ira Horowitz Founder @ Cornershop Creative


Making introductions that lead to lasting relationships.

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