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Developing the Right Content For Your Association Members

About this event

Crafting the Right Content

Creating robust and meaningful marketing and communication strategies that cater specifically to the needs of your members is important for associations. But, identifying the needs of your members and the best tactics for conveying your message can be daunting. Join our industry experts in this discussion to learn new strategies and thought processes when developing association-centered content.

Meet the Panelists

Colby Horton, CEO & Founder at Association Briefings

Colby is a digital publishing veteran with 20 years of experience in the association space. He’s a journalist turned marketer and understands the importance of good, strategic content and its place within an association-centric marketing funnel. He founded Association Briefings in 2020 as the association community was forced to find new, cost-effective ways to market and communicate to members and the industries they served. Today, he guides the company’s overall strategic, editorial, and technical direction and brings freshness and clarity to an industry of products and services where commercialization has often outweighed quality and engagement.

Colby resides in Mansfield, Texas, with his wife and three kids. He’s an avid baseball and football fan and keeps his fingers crossed every year that his Texas Rangers will win the World Series. And so far, he's been highly disappointed.

Jeff Baker, Association Solutions at Association.TV

For over 20 years, Jeff has been helping Associations leverage technology to further their missions. As the 'go-to source' for event technology for almost a decade, he has now turned his sights on helping associations reach a younger audience through video content strategy, creation, and delivery.

By focusing on the 3 R's (Recruitment, Retention, and Revenue), Jeff has been able to help associations of all sizes and budgets, create content programs that are a win for members, sponsors/exhibitors, and staff.

Rusty Williams, Co-Founder at AnswerStage

Rusty is the co-founder of AnswerStage, a Boston-based provider of automated video collection and production services. AnswerStage is the most recent in a series of successful technology businesses that Rusty has helped start and grow including Delphi Internet, Prospero Technologies, and KnowledgeVision. His passion is helping companies and organizations engage with their constituents and leverage the cost-efficiencies of user-generated content. With the rapid growth of video for marketing and education, AnswerStage works with clients to automatically collect, brand, and produce videos to promote events, serve as testimonials and showcase expertise.

Kevin Mitchell, CEO at Modio Information Group

Kevin Mitchell is the CEO of Modio ("mobile-audio") Information Group.

Using its patented system, and delivered through a client-branded version of our proprietary app, Modio helps associations modernize their publications by converting them to a timely, word-for-word, human-narrated, smartphone-enabled, audio format.

By giving members significantly more time to consume what are often associations' highest-value content source, Modio helps them drive higher member engagement for not only their publications, but also their numerous other sources; leading to better member retention and growth, as well as higher value for sponsors and advertisers.

What will be discussed?

  • Content best practices for associations
  • Strategies for conveying info effectively to your members
  • Marketing strategies specific to the world of associations

Who should attend?

While we firmly believe that anyone in the association sector could benefit from learning and thinking about better communication, members of association marketing teams and association membership experts will find this panel the most pertinent.

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    Colby Horton CEO & Founder @ Association Briefings

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    Rusty Williams Co-Founder @ AnswerStage

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    Kevin Mitchell CEO @ Modio Information Group


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