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Endowment Excitement: Fundraising & Management

About this event

Establishing an endowment fund is considered to be a symbol of strength for organizations. It demonstrates to the community that your nonprofit is trusted, has long-term goals, and is serious to further its mission for generations to come. This panel will give insights into the crucial task of sourcing and managing endowment funds. Join our industry experts in this discussion and learn creative and effective approaches to fundraising.

Meet the panelists

Tony Martignetti, Planned Giving Accelerator

Tony Martignetti is the evangelist for Planned Giving. He’s been starting and growing Planned Giving programs since 1997. A former attorney, he launched Planned Giving Accelerator, a membership community to create 1,000+ new Planned Giving programs in the U.S which can also be found at PlannedGivingAccelerator.com. He’s also the aptly-named host of Tony Martignetti Nonprofit Radio, the #1 podcast for nonprofits, with 13,000+ weekly listeners in small- and mid-size orgs. It’s Big Nonprofit Ideas for the Other 95%. It’s at tonymartignetti.com

Karen Houghton, Infinite Giving

Karen Houghton is the CEO and Founder of Infinite Giving, an automated investment platform bringing a better investing experience to nonprofits. She advocates for organizational sustainability through better financial management. By hedging against inflation, lowering endowment fees, and growing their asset giving, nonprofits can do more good work and help us all have stronger, healthier communities.

Cathleen Rittereiser, Co-Author of Foundation and Endowment Investing

Cathleen Rittereiser is an authority on the endowment investment model as the co-author of the books Foundation and Endowment Investing and Top Hedge Fund Investors: Stories, Strategies, and Advice, the former Executive Director of the Commonfund Institute, and the founder and CEO of Uncorrelated, LLC.  Uncorrelated LLC provides advisory services to endowment, foundation, and public pension Chief Investment Officers, trustees, and investment committees.  

John Griffith, Hirtle, Callaghan & Co.

John is a Director at Hirtle Callaghan. He has over 35 years of experience managing and consulting nonprofits. Before joining Hirtle Callaghan in 2014 he was the Chief Financial Officer and Treasurer of Bryn Mawr College. John is leading expert on integrating endowment management and the financial operations of nonprofits.

What will be discussed?

  • How to get started sourcing for endowments.
  • Best practices for managing your organization's endowment funds.
  • How much of the endowment’s return should be spent and how much reinvested?

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Who should attend?

While we firmly believe that anyone in the nonprofit sector could benefit from learning and thinking about ways to source and manage endowments, nonprofit leaders, nonprofit board members, and nonprofit executives will find this panel the most pertinent.

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  • Guest speaker
    Cathleen Rittereiser Co-Author @ Foundation and Endowment Investing

  • Guest speaker
    John Griffith Vice President @ Hirtle, Callaghan & Co.

  • Guest speaker
    Karen Houghton Founder & CEO @ Infinite Giving

  • Guest speaker
    Tony Martignetti Evangelist @ Planned Giving Accelerator

  • Team member
    Colleen Carroll NXUnite Lead @ Nexus Marketing

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