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Fundraising Best Practices for Small Shop Nonprofits

About this event

It's time to think of new strategies! There are many effective practices that can be adapted to help small non-profits unlock their fundraising potential. This panel will discuss the practical tips to efficiently use time and maximize existing resources in achieving your organization’s goals. Join our nonprofit industry leaders and learn new ways to hack those fundraising efforts.

Meet the panelists

Shaun Kulesza, ShopRaise

Shaun is the founder and CEO of ShopRaise. As an entrepreneur and executive with over 15 years working with socially conscious startups, he brings creativity, passion, marketing and technical expertise that is the driving force behind these ventures. Shaun lives in Colorado with his wife and daughter. He enjoys hiking, swimming and spending time in the rocky mountains.

Kelly Russell, Artisan Auctions

Kelly is the CEO of Artisan Auctions. She is an expert auction strategist, benefit auctioneer and fundraising host who has helped organizations raise over $200 Million in support of their great work. Kelly leads her team of fundraising professionals to produce auctions that consistently exceed client goals, and Kelly's remarkable results keep clients coming back year after year. With 18 years of profitable auctions behind her, Kelly’s passion is coaching nonprofit organizations and schools on how to maximize their revenue while eliminating wasted time and effort. When she isn't planning auctions and raising record-breaking revenue, you can find Kelly traveling the globe, hosting (and crushing) game night, or relaxing with a fizzy beverage among friends in the great outdoors. Kelly and her team are dedicated to one mission: powerful fundraising for positive change.

Mackenzie Burckbuchler, Double the Donation

Mackenzie is a Partnership Success Specialist at Double the Donation, the leading provider of matching gift automation software. With a Master of Marketing degree, she understands the importance of nailing messaging and creating cohesive campaigns that resonate with audiences. Through her role, Mackenzie works with fundraising technology companies to help nonprofits and educational institutions leverage the power of corporate matching gifts.

What will be discussed?

  • How to create a fundraising process that is attainable with limited resources.
  • Proven ways to raise money for small shop nonprofits.
  • Technology built to handle fundraising that small nonprofits can take advantage of.

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Who should attend?

While we firmly believe that anyone in the nonprofit sector could benefit from learning about the different ways small shop nonprofits can achieve their fundraising goals, nonprofit executives, active board chairs, staff and volunteers in charge of fundraising will find this panel the most pertinent.

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    Shaun Kulesza CEO @ ShopRaise

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    Kelly Russell CEO @ Artisan Auctions

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    Mackenzie Burckbuchler Partnership Success and Marketing Specialist @ Double the Donation

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    Colleen Carroll Content Publishing Coordinator @ Nexus Marketing


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